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Window film or window tinting when installed reduces uncomfortable heat and glare, minimizes fading by reducing UV, improves your security and privacy and is virtually undetectable.
Our extensive range of films is used on many types of cars, vans, boats, coaches, commercial vehicles and buildings, including factories, hospitals, universities, schools, shops and residential dwellings etc.

The application of window film or window tinting on glass is undisruptive, fast to install, and maintenance free. Compared to curtains, shutters and blinds, etc., window film is more efficient and more cost effective.

The Pro Tint Company is now one of the leading distributors and installers of professional grade solar control, safety, security and other window film products.
We are acknowledged experts in specifying films for all window applications and then installing them to the highest standards of workmanship, in all types of buildings including Homes, Offices, Conservatory windows , glass or Polycarbonate Conservatory roofs, Schools, universities, shops, hospitals, Industrial buildings and Government buildings.

Where there is glass, we offer a range of solutions to ensure you, your employees or your family remain in a comfortable and secure environment.

We are fully mobile and come to you at your home, work, or dealership

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